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Designed For fuel station owners

AutoFuelD is built to expand business for Fuel Station Owners

Increase revenue and profits

Today you are limited by the physical location of your station(s). AutoFuelD increases your territory dramatically with small capital investment. AutoFuelD has the power to increase your revenue and profit dramatically.

Automatic Sign up

Sign up and you capture all the fuel profit your AutoFuelD trucks deliver. Our Software Platform is built specifically for the Fuel Station Owner.

  • Regular
  • MidGrade
  • Premium

People are ordering everything online - Food, Groceries and Fuel is next. AutoFuelD is your ticket to participate in the next wave of on-demand delivery.

What does AutoFueld Provide? Opportunity to expand your business.

It’s Clear to see that fuel will be delivered directly to consumers. There are already a number of companies in limited markets providing this service each receiving millions of investment dollars and growing rapidly. AutoFuelD’s Mission is to give Fuel Station owners access to this fast growing market.

  • Cloud Platform
    Cloud Platform
  • Truck Platform
    Truck Platform
  • Consumer Mobile App
    Consumer Mobile App
  • Driver App
    Driver App
  • Station Owner Portal
    Station Owner Portal
  • National Marketing
    National Marketing

$57 Billion

Size of On Demand Delivery Market

The On Demand Market is booming. Consumers are ready and waiting for Fuel delivery directly to them.

3% Market

You are limited with your Physical Store Location

To expand your business you have two options – Buy another Station $>2M or invest in AutoFuelD

Let's talk Trucks

one national brand - same look and feel everywhere

AutofuelD fleet trucks are purchased through AutoFuelD. They are an extension of the AutofuelD Cloud Software Platform. This dramatically increases ease of use and reduces driver billing errors.

Our clients and partners

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people

Contact us today and will provide you all the details

We’d love to show you how the software platform works through a demo.  Also, we can provide details of cost and expected profit from an investment in the AutoFuelD platform.

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